And the story continues…. the last of the my three part-er. A few weeks after the arrival of my first letter, I received my second. Still hoping I don’t go to hell for sharing 😉

“Hi, I hope you are doing well. I don’t know if you ever received my letter. I never received one back from you. Maybe I didn’t get the right address (I’m sure if he needed an address confirmation he could of made his one phone call to my mom. She would of gladly given it to him) or maybe you don’t want to write me. (Ya think?) It’s ok if you don’t, it’s just very depressing not having anybody to communicate with besides these psychos in here. Every time there’s mail call I hope they call my name but it hasn’t happened yet. It really bums me out, but I’m a grown man and I’ll just have to deal with it. When I start to feel frustrated or stressed out I just do a lot of push-ups. At least someday when I get out I’ll be in good shape. I’m sorry if I put you on the spot. It’s nobodies fault but my mine that I’m in here. I’ll just meditate or read about Buddha to try to pass the time. (Giggling… sorry)

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Let me start by saying that it’s not my intention to make fun of this person, although I know it will be perceived that way. As I said in my last post, “Did You Say Prison?”, this ex of mine was a decent guy who made some bad decisions in life. He certainly wasn’t a cruel, malicious person and my sharing this story with you is only to make light of the romantic struggles or predicaments I’ve had in my life time.

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This is another classic. Not an online dating tale, just a tale of an old boyfriend who came around again after a decade. Also not recent, this happened about 7 yrs ago. But god, I remember it like it was yesterday.

One day my mom gets a call from an old boyfriend of mine who said he was in town, “staying with a friend” and wanted to get in touch with me to see if I wanted to catch up. I dated this guy when I was 16 & 17. Needless to say, I was surprised. Last time we spoke was a decade ago and he had moved to Florida. My mom tells me about this message on a Sunday. I had a busy week with this freelance job I was working on and couldn’t call right away. Mom calls Wednesday looking for details… you can imagine her thoughts – a man has called for you, you are 33, single and going nowhere fast – you must return his call immediately! I promise her I will call the next night. Read More »